Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2020

ClickUp CEO talks hiring, lifting and scaling in a white-hot capability space

Few immature software companies have had as good a year as San Diego-based ClickUp. The company, that creates business capability collection for charge management, goals and docs, lifted a initial bit of outward appropriation in mid-2020.

Just 6 months later, it has reached a $1 billion gratefulness after doubling a patron bottom and income increasing ninefold as businesses embraced remote work.

The new appropriation and gratefulness after only a few months of large expansion uncover only how closely investors are examination a capability program space. we spoke with ClickUp CEO Zeb Evans yesterday to get his insights on a hurdles of hypergrowth and because it finished clarity to contend “yes” to a check.

This talk has edited for length and clarity.

TechCrunch: This has been an extremely bustling year for your team. What’s happened given we talked about your Series A?

Zeb Evans: The final time we chatted with you, we were during an rhythm indicate where we had seen a lot of expansion pre-COVID and afterwards post-COVID we saw that expansion continue. So we only unequivocally kept adult those expansion rates and unequivocally increasing in some areas. Last time we chatted we had about 100,000 teams and now we’re over double that with over 200,000 teams that use a software. we consider we were during about a million users and now we’re good over dual million users that use a product as well.

CEO Zeb Evans. Image Credits: ClickUp

That’s interesting, so it sounds like you’ve found a honeyed mark in terms of group size?

Yeah, a series of users per group ends adult being around 10 people or a small bit some-more than that. And that’s unequivocally stayed loyal from 6 months ago to today.

How has your possess team’s distance changed?

We’re right around 200 people right now, so we’ve unequivocally some-more than doubled given a final time that we talked, and we’re going to double again hopefully in a subsequent entertain so we’ve got an assertive employing devise to do that.

Cool, so you’ve doubled your user bottom in 6 months as good as your team. How has your group practiced to scaling so quickly?

It’s a good question. we consider that a biggest thing that we’ve always focused on is shipping a new chronicle of ClickUp each week. That is a differentiation. We’ve kind of combined these iterative cycles called healthy product marketplace fit and it’s been tough to keep adult with that. we mean, we’ve finished it though as we scale, we know we have many some-more users and some-more considerations to take into each underline that we change and underline that we develop.

I consider that’s been like a biggest thing we’ve been focused on and listening to that village that that is ever-growing each week. Obviously employing is always tip of mind also, and we haven’t finished that as quick as we’d like to. But we’re creation improvements there and we’re removing there.

A lot of startups lifted opportunistic rounds during what’s seemed to be a unequivocally prohibited market, during what indicate did we consider that it competence make clarity to lift even some-more income after shutting that Series A?

So, a Series A was a initial outward collateral and we didn’t unequivocally know what that would do during a time. What we saw when we lifted that account was that we were means to unequivocally accelerate a prophesy and a product. We’ve used these resources unequivocally well and we saw good section economics come out of that. And also as we mentioned, it’s positively a good time and a good marketplace to be in — a capability marketplace is only a hottest right now. So it was kind of a trifecta of that though a genuine reason to lift was positively to be means to continue that product expansion and a acceleration of scaling that comes with lifting money.

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