Published On: Fri, May 1st, 2020

Classic Streets Of Rage Soundtracks Are Being Rereleased On Cassette And CD

Streets Of Rage Perfect SoundtrackStreets Of Rage Perfect Soundtrack

If today’s recover of Streets of Rage 4 on Switch has we feeling all sentimental for progressing games in a series, we competence wish to take a nosey during these tantalizing soundtrack offerings.

Wayô Records is set to rerelease a classical Mega Drive soundtracks to both Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 stoical by Yuzo Koshiro. They’ll be accessible on CD, digital, and in a neat touch, even on cassette.

The new CD recover of Streets of Rage 2 follows Wayô Records’ 2017 Streets of Rage digital and CD recover with new explanation from Koshiro and a 17-minute-long megamix by composer Shinji Hosoe. Plenty of options have already left live for pre-order during Wayô Records’ website, with all products approaching to be expelled by a finish of May/June.

Streets of Rage soundtrackStreets of Rage soundtrack

If you’re still on a blockade about grabbing Streets of Rage 4 today, feel giveaway to let a full examination remonstrate you. We don’t wish to spoil too most before we give it a review through, though let’s only contend we described it as “the really best a array has ever been”.

Does anyone still have a cassette actor knocking about? It competence be value holding a outing adult to a loft for this one.

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