Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

Claim A Free 7-Day Trial For Switch Online Through My Nintendo Rewards (North America)

Nintendo Switch OnlineNintendo Switch Online

My Nintendo comment holders in North America can now get their hands a giveaway seven-day hearing of Nintendo Switch Online.

The offer is live from now until 30th Apr on a My Nintendo website. To explain a reward, you’ll need to palm over 100 Platinum Points (which can simply be amassed during no cost by visiting a site any week or completing online ‘missions’).

Experience a Nintendo Switch Online 7 Day Trial membership with this reward. My Nintendo members can use this prerogative even if they’ve already redeemed a Nintendo Switch Online giveaway 7-day hearing from Nintendo eShop!

It’s value observant that a hearing can’t be used on a Nintendo Account that already has an active Individual or Family membership, so this is designed for those who aren’t now subscribed. The hearing will also automatically modify into a monthly membership once it’s over, so make certain to spin off any involuntary renovation settings before a finish of a trial.

The formula you’ll accept will be current until 7th May 2020, so make certain to use it by then.

Do we have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online? Are we tempted to give it a go with this giveaway trial? Tell us below.

Thanks to @AmiiboMD for a tip!

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