Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2020

Civilization VI’s New Frontier Update Is Live, And Some Players Are Having Issues Again

Maya Civ 6Maya Civ 6

The initial partial of a recently announced New Frontier deteriorate pass for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has left live today, with a Maya Gran Colombia Pack adding dual new civs (and leaders) as good as a new Apocalypse diversion mode, new City-States, Resources, and Natural Wonders. However, it seems that some players on Switch and PS4 are encountering problems after downloading a new DLC.

Twitter user @kidlatdakila commented that they are incompetent to play a diversion during all, and other players have encountered a same problem:

2K Support replied to one actor and concurred a issue:

We dismissed adult a bottom chronicle of a diversion and had no problems loading a diversion or starting a new one, yet we don’t have a New Frontier Pass, so it seems that this latest refurbish is obliged for a problems these players are experiencing.

This isn’t a initial time Civ 6 players have run into problems on Switch following an update. Back in Dec players found themselves stranded when a bug crashed their diversion only before they were about to win following another update. The diversion was subsequently patched to residence a issue, nonetheless 2K Support came adult with a proxy workaround that concerned immediately dogmatic fight to stop a diversion from crashing. Far from subtle, yet hey, it worked!

It’s a small tough to announce fight from a categorical menu screen, though, so influenced players might have to lay parsimonious for a patch with this one. We’ll refurbish this essay if some-more information comes to light.

Have we downloaded a New Frontier pass for Civ VI? Run adult opposite any problems? Let us know in a comments below.

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