Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2019

Civilization VI Now Supports Cross-Platform Cloud Saves On Steam And Nintendo Switch


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has usually perceived a teenager refurbish to make life a tad easier. The diversion now supports cross-platform cloud saves on Nintendo Switch and Steam. In sequence to entrance this feature, you’ll need to emanate a 2K account (if we haven’t already), and couple it adult with a Switch and Steam versions of a game.

This radically means we could be personification on your mechanism and continue a diversion on Switch, in possibly unstable or docked mode. It’s utterly a nifty underline when we cruise usually how prolonged matches can take to complete. The usually downside here is a fact you’re singular to bottom diversion saves, as a Switch chronicle does not embody newer content.

Is this a underline you’ve been watchful for? Tell us down in a comments.

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