Published On: Mon, Oct 16th, 2017

ChromeOS is Finally Getting Android-like Screenshot Functionality

Chrome OS was primarily marketed as a OS for low-end devices, giving them a much-needed support for seamless web browsing and bureau apartment functionality. The OS has given turn improved and has got onto improved inclination like automobile Chromebooks. And it has in some approach contributed to a Android inscription shred that was differently crumbling. However, even with all a goodness, it still has a prolonged approach to go. Today, we have schooled that a Chrome OS is finally removing a easier functionality that should have been combined a prolonged time back.

Earlier, an peculiar multiple of buttons indispensable to be pulpy concurrently to take a full-screen screenshot. For instance – dual symbol combination, i.e., ctrl + switch window pivotal for a full-screen image while 3 symbol multiple ctrl + change + switch window pivotal for resourceful shade shortcut. In tablet-mode there was no screenshot functionality, users indispensable third-party prolongation to get it.

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Thankfully, a folks in a ChromeOS group have realised a problems faced by a users and are formulation to move a new screenshot process that will be discerning in nature. According to a new post in a Chromium Gerrit, a new screenshot holding process would engage energy symbol and volume down pivotal so that Chrome OS users can take screenshots in inscription mode too.

ChromeOS is a destiny of Android tablets

If we demeanour during a benefaction Android inscription lineup, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was a usually high-end inscription on a marketplace until a launch of Tab S3. The Tab S2 lagged massively when it came to removing latest Android updates, a device perceived Android 6.0 refurbish after some-more than 8 months of a release, followed by Android 7.0 refurbish that took some-more than 9 months. And it won’t be a warn if it never gets to Android 8.0 Oreo (two-year refurbish guaranty in action). Given a condition of refurbish timeline for tablets, we consider ChromeOS will during some indicate mount as a improved alternative.

No need of third-party extensions for holding screenshots in tablet-mode

With this inclusion, ChromeOS is removing Android-like facilities that will assistance users removing some-more out of a OS. We consider that some-more facilities like this should be combined to a ChromeOS as it garners improved user base. This new process will save users from installing third-party extensions.

The refurbish is approaching to hurl out to a Chrome OS Dev channel soon, and it will afterwards be changed to a fast channel.

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