Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

Chrome Starts Telling Autoplaying Videos To STFU


We’ve all been there: you’re exploring a immeasurable interwebs, opening tabs fast glow like a middle-clickin’ master we are. Suddenly one of a zillion tabs you’ve got open in a credentials starts autoplaying some terrible ad — now your laptop is yelling to your whole bureau about male partial pills or giveaway ipads or something.

Google wants to finish this.

Last year, Google introduced a underline that tells we that add-on is creation noise. Now they’re holding it one step further.

In a post on Google+, Chromium preacher François Beaufort laid out an arriving change that should cocktail adult in Chrome flattering soon: autoplay media will no longer autoplay unless you’re looking during a tab.

If we open a new add-on and there’s a video set to autoplay, it’ll load — it only won’t indeed start personification until we concentration on that tab. It’s not a undisguised anathema on autoplaying media that some have called for (that’s tough to do though messing with a knowledge on sites like YouTube) though it should meant a bit reduction panicked add-on shutting relocating forward.

(One crafty thing to note: according to a emanate tracker on a new feature, once a add-on has been given focus, it gets accede to autoplay media until it’s closed. This is so pages with playlist functionality don’t break/pause as shortly as we concentration on another tab.)

The underline is now live in a Dev Channel chronicle of Chrome, that means it should hurl out to a customary open chronicle of Chrome once they’ve worked out all a kinks.


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