Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

Chrome 56 For iOS Brings QR Code Scanner And Enhanced Tab Switcher For iPad

Google is bringing a lot of new facilities to Chrome app. Not usually a Android chronicle of Chrome is removing a facelift with Chrome 56 update, though a iOS chronicle too is removing a new underline that has been due for utterly some time. Chrome 56 for iOS (v56.0.2924.79) is bringing a much-needed built-in QR formula scanner to a app.

QR formula scanner comes permitted whenever a user wants to know about a product, usually indicate a QR formula given on a product tag to entrance a information quickly. On iPhone, a underline is permitted from a 3D Touch menu of Chrome. For a iOS users on inclination though 3D Touch, a underline can be accessed by Spotlight hunt – by typing “QR” in a hunt bar. The built-in QR formula scanner has been accessible for Android users around Google’s Now on Tap for utterly some time, and now it is finally open for iPhone users. In addition, Chrome now has a redesigned add-on switcher to enrich iPad layout, that will assistance in switching between tabs easier.

In a final year, we have witnessed a flourishing use of QR codes by many app developers such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and others. Not usually this, though several merchants are also drumming a intensity of QR codes by adopting remuneration complement formed on it.

What’s new in Chrome 56 refurbish for Android

As we mentioned above, Chrome 56 refurbish for Android also brings a accumulation of new facilities onboard. The new chronicle of Chrome for Android will be adult for download on Google Play Store in a entrance week. Google has done many tweaks to a Chrome interface for Android; one such change is a extended entrance to downloaded files. Chrome 56 adds a new add-on page that allows discerning entrance to downloaded files along with saved web pages. It also lets users prolonged press on an essay to download it for after use.

In a blog post, Google has listed a following new features:

  • Quickly use emails, addresses, and phone numbers in web pages by drumming on them
  • Easily entrance downloaded files and web pages from a new add-on page
  • Long press essay suggestions on a new add-on page to download them

Chrome 56 refurbish comes with a handful of bug fixes and opening enhancements. All these improvements will make a browser faster and safer to use. Users can now save e-mail addresses and phone numbers from within a web pages – all we have to do is daub on them. Also, web pages will bucket faster on a new chronicle interjection to a softened reloading resource that refreshes web pages 28 percent faster with obtuse information and energy consumption.

With all these new facilities for Chrome app on Android and iOS, Google seems to be focusing on a browser opening on smartphones. We wish these tweaks assistance in creation a mobile web knowledge improved for users.

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