Published On: Tue, May 26th, 2020

Check Out This New And Improved Portable Nintendo 64

Portable Nintendo 64Portable Nintendo 64smackedsam

A integrate of months ago, we common a video from YouTube user smackedsam that showed off a entirely working, unstable Nintendo 64 console design. We suspicion it was a flattering cold origination during a time, though this new take has taken things adult a notch.

Dubbed a ‘Slipstream 2’ by a creator, a console has perceived a bit of an ascent given we final saw it with a new, glossy blue casing, a GameCube control stick, a array of menu buttons along a top, and phony face buttons suggestive of a N64’s genuine controllers.

You can check it out for yourself in a video below; smackedsam shows a integrate of games using on a system, as good as a Controller Pak container on a back, headphone jack, and more.

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