Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2019

Celeste Creator Matt Thorson Shares New Information About Upcoming DLC

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The severe ascending height diversion Celeste was one of a indie standouts of 2018. It perceived mixed awards and a creator Matt Thorson followed this by announcing farewell levels for a pretension would arrive early on in 2019. Now that a new year is underway, Thorson has posted nonetheless another twitter about this DLC.

On interest of a group during Matt Makes Games, Thorson explained how this new calm would not make a game’s 25th Jan anniversary, though when it did eventually arrive it would be giveaway for all platforms. It will also be somewhat some-more streamlined – with no strawberries to collect or B-Side turn variations – and appears after a hardest levels.

In a categorical game, strawberries were an discretionary additional to collect in levels, with a ability to change a outcome of a ending. B-Side levels were swap versions of a game’s strange levels. Currently, there’s no accurate recover date for this DLC, so until then, we’ll only have to reason out for a some-more central announcement.

Tell us if you’ve played Celeste on Switch and if you’re looking brazen to a DLC.

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