Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2019

Celebrate The Game Boy’s 30th By Putting Your Raspberry Pi Inside This Awesome Case

GPi Case

The art of retro gaming simulation is still frowned on by many, though there’s no denying that a flourishing series of players who abandon strange hardware for a preference of all-in-one solutions, such as a Raspberry Pi system.

This pocket-sized mechanism can be installed adult with emulators and naughty-style ROMs to give we an present selected gaming collection – and it should come as no warn to learn that many companies now furnish cosmetic shells for a Pi that ape a demeanour of mythological gaming systems.

We’ve already seen Pi cases made like NES, SNES and Mega Drive console, though this latest bid from Retroflag is a best yet. It allows we to place your Raspberry Pi Zero (or Zero W) inside an authentic-looking reproduction of a Game Boy, finish with a colour screen. Nintendo’s famous handheld turns 30 this week, so a timing is perfect.

The bombard – that is sole without a Pi Zero inside – is powered by 3 AA batteries. Some public is required, of march (the Pi Zero fits inside a ‘cart’ that slots into a tip of a unit) – though once it’s all put together, it’s a surprisingly tighten compare for a genuine thing.

The cosmetic looks identical, and a D-Pad and buttons also work brilliantly. It’s ever so somewhat smaller than a strange Game Boy, and there are 4 face buttons instead of dual (you also have dual ‘shoulder’ buttons on a back) though it’s extraordinary how tighten this is to a handheld we know and love.

There’s no word on when this will be accessible (a section literally arrived on the doorstep this morning though warning) though we’ll refurbish this page as and when we know.

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