Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

CD Projekt’s Iwiński Explains Company Name, Says They’re Observing VR with Interest

After a prolonged silence, dual of CD Projekt’s co-founders talked again in opposite interviews. Michał Kiciński pronounced that a success of The Witcher 3 was astonishing though during a same time, there’s room for an even bigger success with Cyberpunk 2077.

Marcin Iwiński, on a other hand, had a unequivocally prolonged discuss with Glixel that ranged from CD Projekt’s roots and association fixing to their seductiveness in ancillary Virtual Reality.


We are watching with interest. We are revelation stories. If VR can assistance us, we’ll unequivocally cruise it. But right now, I’m privately looking for something unequivocally estimable as an experience. Why did we pre-order a Switch? Not since we wish a Switch. Because we wish Zelda.
And also, I’m substantially not a unequivocally good case, since we get revulsion unequivocally fast.

On how CD Projekt started as a company

On a weekends, we started going to a mechanism marketplace in Warsaw. Passionate fans of computers collected to buy hardware and barter games. We were about to finish high school, and copyright law was introduced, and a initial suspicion was, “Hey, maybe we could start importing games.”
I had contacts in a United States by a bulletin-board complement scene, and one of my friends from a BBS endorsed a diversion wholesaler. We started importing CDs, and primarily Michał was offered them during a mechanism marketplace on a weekends. Initially, we got them from any channel we could. we remember one of a initial contacts was a association called Just CDs in Anaheim. we was only on a phone, grouping games like, “Five units of Indiana Jones. Two units of Day of a Tentacle.” After 3 months of this arrange of incubation, in a gray section so to speak, we said, “Hey, it’s going well. Let’s start a company.”

[Interviewer – And that’s since it’s called CD Projekt?]

Exactly, since we were a initial with CDs. And then, we know, we solemnly schooled how a attention worked. We went for a initial time to a Consumer Electronics Show. We were in heaven.

CD Projekt is now operative on Gwent, now in beta phase, and Cyberpunk 2077 that still has a prolonged approach to go. We’ll keep we posted on any suggestive refurbish for both games, of course.

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