Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Captain Falcon’s Famous Voice Actor Recorded New Audio For The Latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Reveal

Super Smash Bros. UltimateSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate

The proclamation of a ARMS warrior Min Min for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was presented in a form of a poetic charcterised trailer. It featured all of her associate competitors along with a pinkish puffball Kirby and Captain Falcon – who was slurping down a play of ramen.

Towards a finish of a broadcast, a game’s executive Masahiro Sakurai suggested how his group invited a voice of Captain Falcon – Ryo Horikawa – to assistance out. Interestingly, this is apparently a initial time Mr. Horikawa (known for other characters like Vegeta from a Dragon Ball series) has finished a new recording for Smash Bros. given a Nintendo 64 diversion (released in 1999).

Here’s accurately what Sakurai had to contend about this:

We finished a new warrior video, in that Captain Falcon is slurping a play of ramen. For usually that one specific scene, we invited a voice of Captain Falcon, Mr. Ryo Horikawa, to join us. Mr. Horikawa is a really famous voice actor who also voices Vegeta in a Dragon Ball array in Japan.

Since a Nintendo 64 version, we’ve finished many voice recordings for a Super Smash Bros. series. However, Captain Falcon is a usually voice we haven’t finished new recordings for. Except fighters like Yoshi, for that we use pre-recorded assets, of course.

It was a really fun VO session. He mentioned that he still spasmodic receives requests from fans such as, “Captain Falcon! Please do Falcon Punch!”

If we wondering where a line for Captain Falcon’s Final Smash came from, Sakurai reminded fans during a promote that it was simply a cut line from a Nintendo 64 release, when a Final Smash automechanic didn’t make it into a game:

If we’re regulating a same Captain Falcon voice from a Nintendo 64 version, some of we might be wondering where a “Come on Blue Falcon!” line for a Final Smash came from. That wasn’t in a Nintendo 64 version. Truth be told, we were indeed meditative of incorporating Final Smashes into a Nintendo 64 chronicle during a game’s development. We gave adult on that idea. But then, for a third installment of Super Smash Bros., we finally implemented that feature

So – there we have it, new voice recordings for Captain Falcon and some Smash story to go with it. Now if usually Captain Falcon’s racing array could make a comeback…We would adore to see Mr. Horikawa reprise his purpose (once again) in a next-generation F-Zero game.

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