Published On: Tue, Apr 14th, 2020

Capcom’s Former GameCube Exclusive Resident Evil 4 Is Reportedly Getting A Remake

Resident Evil 4 - Leon KennedyResident Evil 4 - Leon Kennedy

One of a standout releases during a Nintendo GameCube era was Resident Evil 4. It’s substantially tough to trust nowadays, nonetheless behind afterwards a fourth mainline entrance in Capcom’s presence fear array was a proxy height exclusive.

If we played a strange in 2005, we competence be meddlesome to hear it’s removing a remake. “Multiple growth sources” have sensitive VGC that a next-generation chronicle has now entered “full production” – with an estimated recover window of 2022.

Development is reportedly being rubbed by a Osaka-based studio M-Two (not to be confused with a simulation experts over during M2). This new studio was founded by a Tatsuya Minami – a former conduct of PlatinumGames, and a group (comprised of ex-Platinum and Capcom staff) has presumably been scheming for this plan given 2018. It also helped out with a Resident Evil 3 remake, and Capcom’s inner and outmost teams are approaching to support with a new project.

Resident Evil 4 executive Shinji Mikami has given a reconstitute his blessing and supposing some spontaneous recommendation on a direction, even nonetheless he apparently declined a purpose of plan lead due to commitments with Bethesda’s GhostWire: Tokyo.

The platforms this diversion will be expelled on haven’t been suggested yet, nonetheless given a lane record of a prior remakes, it’s doubtful to seem on a Nintendo Switch. Capcom was formerly asked if a Resident Evil 2 reconstitute would ever uncover adult on a Switch nonetheless pronounced it had no skeleton during a time and wanted to concentration on a systems a diversion had been announced for.

Nintendo fans looking for some Resident Evil movement on a Switch can still download a strange versions – that were ported to a complement final year – around a eShop. Do we consider an RE4 reconstitute can compare a GameCube original? Tell us below.

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