Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2020

Capcom Updates Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition To Version 1.0.1

Devil May Cry 3

Capcom gave a Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition utterly a lot of courtesy heading adult to a recover final month. The game’s writer suggested character and arms switching and also a Bloody Palace internal commune mode.

In further to this, a group has now expelled Version 1.0.1. According to patch records around a central Capcom Twitter account, it resolves an emanate tied to ranged weapons and fixes save information corruption:

– Ranged Weapons’ upgrades not requesting in Free Style mode.
– Save Data crime (very rare).

Before your subsequent “stylish” play session, you’ll need to refurbish and restart your duplicate of a game. Have we beheld anything else in a latest patch? Comment down below.

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