Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2019

Capcom Has No Plans "At This Time" To Release The Resident Evil 2 Remake On Switch

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Believe it or not, though Capcom’s presence fear array Resident Evil once had impossibly clever ties with Nintendo hardware. During a GameCube epoch it was formidable not to discuss a overwhelming choice of games on a complement but creation a anxiety to one of a proxy height exclusives such as Resident Evil 4 or Resident Evil Zero.

Since then, Nintendo’s inclination have missed out on certain entries in a series, with Capcom instead releasing games such as Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D on a 3DS and re-releasing comparison games on a Wii with suit support. In some-more new times, a courtesy has been on a Resident Evil 2 reconstitute for complicated hardware. It’s got fans and Switch owners comparison wondering if a multi-platform recover will ever make a approach opposite to Nintendo’s hybrid device. It might or might not happen, depending on how we review into a following response Capcom’s Brand Manager Mike Lunn supposing GameRant with during E3 2018:

“No, not during this time. We only wanted to concentration on PS4, Xbox One, and PC during a moment.”

On a some-more certain note, Switch owners can during slightest demeanour brazen to experiencing Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero, and a much-adored Resident Evil 4 (again), following Capcom’s proclamation final Oct that all 3 games would be headed to a complement in 2019.

Would we like to see a Resident Evil 2 reconstitute make a approach to a Nintendo Switch in a nearby future? Tell us below.

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