Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

Capcom Celebrates 15th Anniversary Of Monster Hunter With Epic Video Feature

@FlameRunnerFast If we don’t see a problem, afterwards we are partial of a problem. we don’t even caring about it’s dlc. we caring about what that paid dlc -represents-. It is a initial time that they are holding advantage of their fans. Smart people wouldn’t buy it, though some people aren’t good with money, and would simply lift income down on it. Some of that paid dlc is calm taken FROM THE MAIN GAME! In a MHs before World, it has those poses/emotes. You didnt have to compensate or even download those emotes/poses before, though now, low and behold, we do. World is a cancer mark on a MH series. They can’t alleviate it adult by giving out giveaway dlc, since all other MHs got giveaway dlc too, and they didn’t have to compensate for anything.

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