Published On: Sat, Mar 13th, 2021

Can we kick Google with Google’s brains?

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, TechCrunch’s try capital-focused podcast, where we empty a numbers behind a headlines.

Natasha and Danny and Alex and Grace were all here to discuss by a week’s biggest tech happenings. Like each week, we had to leave a lot of good things on a cutting-room floor. But, we did get to hold on a garland of news that we feel unequivocally matters.

Also we do breeze adult articulate about a few Extra Crunch pieces, that is where a deeper research on news equipment lives. If a paywall is a bother, we can get entrance while saving 50% with a formula “EQUITY.”

Here’s what we got into:

  • Crypto-art and a NFT bang continue. Check out what Beeple only did. Danny has an opinion on a matter.
  • The Roblox direct-listing does really small indeed solve a IPO pricing issue. That said, good finished Bloxburg.
  • We talked about a Coursera S-1, that gave us a initial financial look into an preparation association revitalized by a pandemic.
  • The numbers indispensable context, so a follow adult coverage gives readers 5 takeaways from a Coursera IPO.
  • Language training has a market, and it’s big. We talked about Preply’s $35 million lift and because education marketplaces make sense.
  • Dropbox is shopping DocSend, that creates flattering good sense. Even if a exit cost won’t matter most for bigger funds. We’re still witnessing Dropbox and Box supplement some-more facilities to their product around acquisitions. Let’s see how it impacts their income growth.
  • Zapier buys Makerpad. We struggled to pronounce Zapier, though did have some records on a understanding and what it competence meant for a no-code space.
  • Sticking a merger theme, PayPal bought Curv. If we were looking for some-more justification that large companies are holding crypto seriously, well, here it is.
  • And to tighten we nerded out about Neeva. Can a Google-competitor take on Google if it was founded by ex-Googlers?

The uncover is behind Monday morning. Stay cool!

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