Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

Buy tickets to a Crunchies regulating the Facebook Messenger bot

Here’s a quick and easy approach to buy tickets to a 10th Annual Crunchies Awards in San Francisco: TechCrunch’s Messenger bot. Type a word “crunchies” into a Messenger bot or click here to squeeze tickets with usually a few clicks.

After purchasing a ticket, a bot will also send a scannable QR code. Everything is finished within Messenger. Take a demeanour during how it works.

To get behind to a tickets, type “crunchies” into a bot. It will give a list of options from that to choose, including a ability to see tickets.

Although prices to a Crunchies will boost after this week, we’re gripping a ignored cost exclusively on a bot. Hopefully a bonus will give everybody a small additional inducement to give a bot a try.

The TechCrunch bot is one of a initial few Messenger bots to concede payments, and a initial bot where users can buy tickets to an event. The bot was built by Chatfuel; some-more info about the launch can be found here. Messenger Native Payments are now accessible for U.S. users only.

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