Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

Bungie Says There Are No Specific XB1X Enhancements Planned for Destiny 2; “Same Experience”

Our on-site editor Kai Powell had a possibility to play Bungie’s severely expected Destiny 2, a supplement to a online first-person shooter that boasted 25 million purebred users in Nov 2015.

We’ll have his hands-on impressions accessible soon, nonetheless he also had a possibility to quickly pronounce with Bungie’s maestro (he has been with a association for twelve years now) Design Lead Lars Bakken.

xbox-one-x-phil-spencerRelated Xbox Head Phil Spencer Says Most People Don’t Care About 60FPS

His colleagues reliable a integrate days ago that Destiny 2 would run during 30 frames per second on Xbox One X as it does on PlayStation 4 Pro. With Microsoft’s console due on Nov 7th featuring poignant additional horsepower, though, we figured there would be some visible enhancements during slightest – aloft fortitude textures, improved molecule effects and a likes.

However, that doesn’t seem to be a case. Bakken pronounced that Bungie is aiming to broach a same knowledge on all platforms and so far, there are no specific enhancements designed for a Xbox One X. Bakken also settled that on PC, Destiny 2 will have aim support if we are regulating a gamepad nonetheless it won’t have it when personification with rodent and keyboard.

The apparent miss of XB1X enhancements will positively defect those who are formulation to play Destiny 2 on a console and during a same time, it’s nonetheless another hint in a increasingly exhilarated long-distance evidence between Microsoft and Sony. PlayStation Europe’s trainer Jim Ryan pronounced yesterday that it’s usually receptive for publishers to support to a lowest common denominator and cited a fact that many developers didn’t scrupulously feat Sony’s PlayStation 3 as a chronological comparison. In a same interview, he plainly pronounced there are no sinful skeleton to reason behind improvements to games that have a selling understanding with PlayStation – only like Destiny 2.

On a other hand, vocalization with Gamespot Head of Xbox multiplication Phil Spencer replied:

I’m gonna onslaught to not get myself in difficulty on this one. I’ll only say: we don’t know anything about other growth deals. You mentioned some things around clauses and things that we don’t know anything about. But if anybody was to do a understanding to reason behind technical creation on a video diversion anywhere else, that doesn’t feel good for a attention to me.

On a some-more certain note, check out how beautiful Destiny 2 can be in a latest central screenshots and argent 4K@60 PC gameplay footage. The diversion will be out on Sep 6th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while PC gamers will have to wait for Oct 24th.

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