Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Bungie Confirms Destiny 2 Is Not Coming To Steam

This week there was a lot of difficulty between Steam and Destiny, as a microtransaction banking of a diversion was accessible on Valve’s platform. Now, Bungie has talked about a conditions and mentioned that all influenced will accept a analogous payment and that Destiny 2 will not arrive on Steam.

On Twitter, Bungie village manager David “Deej” Dague commented that a Silver that seemed on Steam was a mistake. He combined that Valve is operative on reimbursements and apologized for a confusion. In addition, he took a event to discuss that he has no skeleton to launch Destiny 2 on Steam.

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“Destiny exchange on Steam were done accessible in error. All purchases will be refunded manually by Valve. Sorry for a confusion!” Dague pronounced in his initial tweet. “We’re with Blizzard. No skeleton to recover Destiny 2 on PC anywhere else. Pass it on.”


However, something contingency be taken into account. Bungie’s comments indicate out that Destiny 2 will not be accessible on Steam, though what about a initial Destiny? The Silver that seemed on a height of Valve looked like a banking of a strange title, so a doorway seems to sojourn open.

So, a usually approach to play Destiny 2 will be by Blizzard, an online height that works for Blizzard Entertainment titles like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, among others.

Destiny 2 will entrance on Sep 6 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC gamers will have to wait until Oct 24th to get their hands on a title, though they can during slightest try a diversion during a arriving beta scheduled during a finish of a month.

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