Published On: Sat, Jun 17th, 2017

Bravo Team Announced for PlayStation VR by Sony and Supermassive Games

At E3 2017, Until Dawn developer, Supermassive Games and Sony have announced Bravo Team for PlayStation VR.

In Bravo Team, teamwork is critical and players contingency use all during their ordering to survive. You can watch a announce trailer from E3 down below:

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Bravo Team is set in a illusory modern-day Eastern European city. When your chaperon goal goes wrong and formula in a President’s assassination, a nation threatens to rip itself apart…and your group along with it.

Key Features

Teamwork: Bravo Team has been grown to concede both singular actor and online 2 actor co-op. Verbal communication between players helps to make a decisions we need to tarry and equivocate (or navigate) rivalry detection.

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Intense Immersive Action: With a feel of an movement movie, Bravo Team offers sparkling fight situations, mixed unfolding outcomes and a seamless, continual sourroundings to emanate a unconditionally immersive experience.

Total Control: You’ll need to gaunt turn corners to take out targets or steep for cover if underneath fire. You’ll lift a PS VR Aim Controller to perspective by a iron steer or reason above your conduct to blind fire.

Decisions Under Fire: You’ll make consistent split-second tactical decisions about when to take cover, when to reload and when to engage. Should we lay down suppressing glow or try a opposite route? Who takes that new weapon? Players will need to consider quick and act fast to survive.

Alongside a game’s announce trailer, a set of 3 screenshots have been released, that we’ve enclosed below:

Source: AllGamesDelta

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