Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2020

Bradley Tusk on starting a association and seed investing in a coronavirus era

Bradley Tusk has forged a singular trail in a VC investment landscape: A longtime domestic and communications operative, he has built a lane record for Tusk Ventures by going after rarely regulated industries, rather than shying divided from them.

Whether it is ride-hailing, sports betting, cannabis or innumerable other regulated sectors, Tusk takes a proceed that laws are eventually malleable, and if a use is popular, a users can muster to outcome change.

Given his singular perspective, it was good to have him join us this week in an Extra Crunch Live call — a new beginning here during TechCrunch to move tech-world suspicion leaders right to your screens.

In a conversation, Tusk talked about edtech, telemedicine, cannabis, mobile voting, biotech, pandemics and a destiny of regulated industries in this dishonourable mercantile environment. We’ve transcribed a handful of his answers to a and a readers’ questions and have embedded a whole video next a fold.

We’ve edited his created answers for clarity and brevity.

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