Published On: Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

Bozoma Saint John heads to Uber from Apple

Last week, forward of WWDC, there was a sputter of news when Axios discovered that Bozoma Saint John — one of a some-more conspicuous execs during a association for being a lady of color, who led an Apple Music demo during a prior year’s WWDC to some commend — was withdrawal Apple. Now TechCrunch has schooled where she’s landing: she’s going to Uber.

We perceived a news around a tip, and have reliable a appointment by mixed sources during Uber. The company, we understand, views a appointment as critical in assisting “turn a waves on new issues.”

As for what purpose she will be taking, that’s something we’re still perplexing to figure out. We know that Uber will be creation some-more sum open later. Saint John’s track record is in selling — many recently during Apple though also with a prolonged army during Pepsi, among other places.

The appointment is a pivotal pierce for Uber that could assistance seaside adult certainty in a association both internally and outwardly as it fights to clear a $70 billion gratefulness by investors.

Uber has been underneath glow for months for a government practices and association culture. Some critics and competitors have looked to expostulate business divided from a association with a #deleteuber debate (which has been operative to some extent).

In terms of executive news, many of it in a final 6 months has been about departures rather than hires. Those who have left Uber in new times have enclosed a VP of maps and business height Brian McClendon, boss Jeff Jones, AI lead Gary Marcus, communications SVP Rachel Whetstone, VP of tellurian automobile programs Sherif Marakby, VP of product Ed Baker, SVP of engineering Amit Singhal and self-driving automobile conduct Anthony Levandowski.

Saint John, who had been conduct of tellurian and consumer selling for iTunes and Apple Music, was a warn strike during final year’s WWDC conference. Her charismatic entrance on theatre not usually gave a dad-joke peppered eventuality a small some-more oomph, though it also underscored a bigger review we’ve been carrying in a tech attention about diversity, clever purpose models and that companies have been holding a care position in that area.

Uber’s record on farrago is not shining — though as we have forked out it’s not a worst, possibly — and employing Saint John speaks to how this continues to evolve.

Regardless of either she takes a selling purpose or something else, Saint John entrance on house is partial of Uber’s efforts to reposition itself as a opposite kind of association than it has been in a past.

That repositioning has been ongoing. Just yesterday a association announced a new hire, Frances Frei, an educational from Harvard Business School, holding a new purpose as SVP of care and strategy. There is also a news entrance shortly with a formula of an review led by former Attorney General Eric Holder into a company’s government enlightenment — that was spurred by allegations of sexism and other criticisms of association culture.

Amidst a bad news, Uber continues to see growth. In a initial entertain of this year, revenues were adult 18 percent over a prior entertain to $3.4 billion while waste were $708 million, down from over $900 million a entertain before. Between Q3 and Q4 of final year, Uber grew by 74 percent. (Note: anniversary fluctuations — Q4 is a holiday deteriorate — are partial of a reason for this extreme shift, and Uber has not expelled year-on-year figures.)

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