Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2019

Bowser Begins His First Day On The Job As The President At Nintendo Of America

Introducing Nintendo's new overlord...@thetruebowser
Introducing Nintendo’s new overlord…

It’s a new epoch during Nintendo of America. Reggie has left a building and a appropriately-named Doug Bowser is now strictly during a helm as a president. To applaud his initial day in this role, @thetruebowser common a print of his new bureau on Twitter.

We’re not wholly certain what’s going on, though, as it appears someone else has already taken charge:

In all seriousness, Doug Bowser has been shadowing Reggie given 2015, so we’re certain he’ll do a illusory job. If we would like to find out some-more about a new president, be certain to check out a endless underline about him.

And while you’re here, feel giveaway to acquire Bowser to his new purpose in a comments below.

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