Published On: Sun, Dec 15th, 2019

BMW says ‘ja’ to Android Auto

BMW currently announced that it is finally bringing Android Auto to a vehicles, starting in Jul 2020. With that, it will join Apple’s CarPlay in a company’s vehicles.

The initial live demo of Android Auto in a BMW will occur during CES 2020 subsequent month. After that, it will turn accessible as an refurbish to drivers in 20 countries with cars that underline a BMW OS 7.0. BMW will support Android Auto over a wireless connection, though, that rather boundary a comparability.

Only dual years ago, a association pronounced that it wasn’t meddlesome in ancillary Android Auto. At a time, Dieter May, who was afterwards a comparison VP for Digital Services and Business Model, categorically told me that a association wanted to concentration on a first-party apps in sequence to keep full control over a in-car interface and that he wasn’t meddlesome in saying Android Auto in BMWs. May has given left a company, yet it’s also value observant that Android Auto itself has turn significantly some-more discriminating over a march of a final dual years.

“The Google Assistant on Android Auto creates it easy to get directions, keep in hold and stay productive. Many of a business have forked out a significance to them of carrying Android Auto inside a BMW for regulating a series of informed Android smartphone facilities safely but being dreaming from a road, in further to BMW’s possess functions and services,” pronounced Peter Henrich, comparison clamp boss Product Management BMW, in today’s announcement.

With this, BMW will also finally offer support for a Google Assistant after early bets on Alexa, Cortana and a BMW Assistant (which itself is built on tip of Microsoft’s AI stack). The association has prolonged pronounced it wants to offer support for all renouned digital assistants. For a Google Assistant, a usually approach to make that work, during slightest for a time being, is Android Auto.

In BMWs, Android Auto will see integrations into a car’s digital cockpit, in further to BMW’s Info Display and a heads-up arrangement (for directions). That’s a flattering low integration, that goes over what many automobile manufacturers underline today.

“We are vehement to work with BMW to move wireless Android Auto to their business worldwide subsequent year,” pronounced Patrick Brady, clamp boss of engineering during Google. “The seamless tie from Android smartphones to BMW vehicles allows business to strike a highway faster while progressing entrance to all of their favorite apps and services in a safer experience.”

BMW says ‘nein’ to Android Auto

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