Published On: Thu, Aug 13th, 2015

BMW: Alphabet Is More Than A Name To Us

Google is now a largest auxiliary house of Alphabet, a newly determined holding association that manages Google and all of a company’s side projects. But Alphabet’s website is since is owned by Alphabet, a BMW-owned swift government service. Even yet usually a few people had ever listened of BMW’s Alphabet before, the association clearly isn’t going to let all of this giveaway broadside usually lay there unconverted.

So today, BMW’s Alphabet had a small bit of fun with Google and posted a possess chronicle of a Google alphabet. The tagline: Because Alphabet is some-more than a name to us.

BMW could have come adult with a funnier list, yet afterwards Alphabet is a fleet-management company. There’s usually so many fun we can have with that.

BMW has done it flattering transparent that it won’t relinquish a name to Google. And unless Alphabet (the Alphabet, that is) decides to launch a automobile association underneath a Alphabet name, it’s substantially fine from a heading indicate of view.

Still, it’s comical — and a bit weird — that Google/Alphabet motionless on this name for a new holding association even yet it couldn’t secure a many obvious domain name (or amicable media accounts, for that matter).


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