Published On: Wed, Mar 18th, 2020

Bloober Team Is Bringing Blair Witch To Switch This Summer

Blair Witch, a presence fear FPS formed on a iconic found-footage film (series, actually) with a full pretension The Blair Witch Project, is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer. As announced in today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase developer Bloober Team has reliable a game, that launched creatively on PC and other consoles final year, is set for a Summer 2020 recover on Nintendo’s system. You can check out a trailer above.

It’s built in Unreal Engine 4, so given Bloober’s lane record with Switch we competence have guessed it was coming. Published by Lionsgate Games, Blair Witch takes place a integrate of years following a events of a film (the initial one) and puts we in a boots of Ellis Lynch, a former patrolman who joins a hunt for a blank child in a Black Hills Forest. Cue bad things happening.

Bloober has form when it comes to first-person games of a fear persuasion, with titles like a dual Layers of Fear games and psychological sci-fi thriller Observer underneath a belt. Here are some screenshots that will certainly jar some memories from 1999 for those who remember that distant back:

While a strange release’s gameplay didn’t wow critics final year, Blair Witch did conduct to conjure really good that moving atmosphere people will remember from a initial film. Add to that a dog messenger for a categorical impression that people also enjoyed and colour us intrigued to see how this diversion translates to Switch, and if a chronicle we get will be tweaked from final year’s releases in any way.

There are no sum on pricing, skeleton for a earthy recover or a date only yet, though we’ll be gripping an eye on this one.

Have we played this on another console or PC? Feel giveaway to leave your impressions next and honour us on creation it by this whole essay but once essay ‘Blair Switch’.

Dang, only did it.

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