Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2021

Blobr, a ‘no-code’ association branch APIs into products, raises €1.2M pre-seed

Blobr, a Paris-based startup handling in a no-code space with tech to make it easier for companies to display and monetise their existent APIs, has lifted €1.2 million in pre-seed funding.

The turn is led by pan-European pre-seed and seed financier Seedcamp, with appearance from New Wave, Kima and several angel investors. Blobr is also a initial association to take investment from New Wave — a new European try collateral organisation co-founded by Pia d’Iribarne and Jean de la Rochebrochard — given a VC reliable it had sealed $56 million in deployable collateral from an all-star lineup of investors, including Iliad’s Xavier Niel, Benchmark’s Peter Fenton and Tony Fadell of Apple fame.

Blobr, founded by Alexandre Airvault (CEO) and Alexandre Mai (CTO), is aiming to turn a default “business and product layer” for APIs. This suspicion is to capacitate product and business people to conduct and monetise a company’s focus programming interfaces though technical trust or a need to use adult some-more inner engineering resources. And by doing so, a startup believes we’ll see most some-more innovative use of APIs as blurb information and functionality is done permitted by some-more third parties to build on top.

“We trust companies should stop meditative of APIs as small pipes and start building them as products to unleash their power,” says Airvault. “This means APIs should be priced, customized and managed with a user-oriented mindset and not usually a tech one”.

To make this a reality, Blobr is designed to commission product and business owners to “make data-sharing a essential model”, while shortening their coherence on tech. “I trust this proceed is what will expostulate a information exchanges to a subsequent level”, he explains.

Blobr’s no-code record offers utterly a lot of functionality already. From one existent inner API, we can filter trusted information or GDPR-related data; it’s also probable to broach opposite API outlay depending on patron segmentation so we usually display a information that’s needed; and API use can be related to usage-based business models or a monthly subscription in Stripe.

Airvault says a startup’s categorical competitors embody API government solutions from Google, IBM, Axway and MuleSoft. “Those platforms are tailored for inner APIs though are not suspicion of and optimized to conduct APIs as products. They are tailored for technical people, since Blobr as a no-code resolution is built from blemish for product and business people to equivocate technical people to be concerned in a equation,” he adds.

New Wave is a new European seed account headed adult by ex-Accel VC Pia d’Iribarne

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