Published On: Thu, Jun 4th, 2020

Blatant Pokémon Rip-Off Appears On Microsoft Store

Pokemon Rip Off CapsmonPokemon Rip Off Capsmon

Like a complicated thunderstorm that never seems to finish or that annoying square of unwashed nipping resin that we usually can’t get off your shoe, a trend of blatantly apparent Pokémon rip-offs continues to back a nauseous head.

The latest, ‘Capsmon Adventure: Brave Heroes Assemble’, can be found on a Microsoft Store. Available to download for giveaway with in-app purchases, a diversion “is a capsule-monster collection diversion with lovable animation total and pleasing and ethereal scene”. Yep, beautiful and ethereal scene.

You’d be forgiven for meditative this was an central Pokémon release, not slightest since it shows boatloads of genuine characters from a Pokémon authorization including Ash and Pikachu. In fact, a app’s idol is a true lift of a promotional design used for Pokémon a Movie: Genesect And The Legend Awakened. Just demeanour during these splendidly singular screenshots:

You can see a page inventory here if you’re interested. Of course, we assume it’ll usually be a matter of time before Nintendo and/or The Pokémon Company swoop in and Hyper Beam a thing out of existence.


Thanks to Maciek for a tip!

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