Published On: Tue, Jun 13th, 2017

BlackBerry Admits Screen Separation Issue on KEYone, Offers Replacement for Affected Units

BlackBerry’s KEYone smartphone garnered good reviews from a critics in a associated markets. However, final week, a continuance exam conducted on a device unleashed a critical emanate with KEYone’s display.

The YouTuber JerryRigEverything conducted a continuance exam on a device, and while behaving a hook test, a shade of a KEYone popped out. It turns out that there is no glue behind a shade of a device to keep it in a place.

The video lifted concerns, and TCL satisfied how large this could get. Today, in an central matter sent to CrackBerry, TCL said:

TCL Communication has a long-standing lane record of delivering high-quality inclination to a business around a world, and a BlackBerry KEYone is no different. To safeguard a top peculiarity in a BlackBerry KEYone, we used strong, durable reward materials and conducted severe highlight tests on a device via a product growth cycle to accommodate a genuine life use standards a business demand. While a BlackBerry KEYone is being met with good enthusiasm, we are wakeful of a concerns around intensity arrangement subdivision on a device. Out of a thousands of BlackBerry KEYone smartphones that have been shipped and sole globally, usually a really tiny handful of business have reported this kind of issue.

Our teams are actively examining additional glue measures that competence serve strengthen and discharge any probability of arrangement subdivision occurring. If a patron does knowledge this however, they’re speedy to hit us for a device guaranty replacement.

For a KEYone users who have gifted a emanate on their handset, they are suggested to hit TCL for device guaranty replacement. Although it’s good to see TCL holding adult a shortcoming and earnest a fix, such mistake shouldn’t have occurred in a device that retails during $550. The creates should have used adequate glue to keep a shade in place, though instead, zero adhesive was found behind a screen.

Nevertheless, solely for a miss of adhesive, KEYone’s Gorilla Glass 4 arrangement binds adult good opposite all a tests conducted in a video. The phone’s earthy keyboard seems to give adult after a few attacks of a box cutter, though even so, a scrolling duty kept on operative well. Same goes for a fingerprint sensor on a device that continued to respond even after being subjected to vicious tests.

Here’s a continuance exam video:

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