Published On: Tue, Sep 26th, 2017

Bill Gates Switches To Android Phone Says ‘No, No iPhone’

It’s been a while given a Windows Phone took a final breath. And now Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates is regulating an Android phone as his primary device. In an talk with a Fox News, Gates suggested that he is regulating an Android phone. He did not divulge a name of a device, though he did contend that it has “a lot of Microsoft software” on it.

Our best theory is a special Microsoft Edition Samsung Galaxy S8 that houses a lot of Microsoft apps on it such as like Office, OneDrive, and Outlook. Also, Microsoft recently started offered a Galaxy S8 in a sell stores.

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Well, other Android desire also support Microsoft apps like a Microsoft Edition Galaxy S8 though it is a continued partnership that Samsung and Microsoft have, that is approaching to get stronger. These are a reasons adequate because Gates would cite regulating a S8 instead of any other Android device.

Now that Gates is switching to Android, he still has no desire towards perplexing his hands on an iPhone. Besides, he had also criminialized iPhones and iPods during home nonetheless he does courtesy Steve Jobs as a “genius.”

Gates serve went on deliberating his attribute with Steve Jobs in a interview., he said:

Well actually, a attribute we had with Steve had any aspect we can imagine. Particularly in a final few years a friendship, that had always been there, was severely strengthened, as he was traffic with cancer, and he had finished such smashing work during both Pixar and Apple. He and we had a lot in common. We were opposite in some ways. Steve was a genius, positively amazing. It’s good that Apple’s stability to do good work.

Gates went on praising Steve Jobs via a talk by attributing him for formulating “phenomenal” in tech space. But regardless of all praises, he said,“No, no iPhone.” As a word goes, to any his own, Bill Gates has selected his Mobile OS i.e. Android.

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You can watch a full talk on Fox News during 10PM ET.



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