Published On: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2016

Bill Gates Clarifies Statements On Apple Vs. FBI, Calls For Safeguards And Discussion

Editor’s note: A prior chronicle of this post had a title “Bill Gates Says Apple Should Unlock The iPhone” though Gates seemed on Bloomberg after this news was published, and attempted to explain his intentions. You can watch a whole talk here where he backpedals a bit.

Bill Gates is siding with a FBI and says Apple should clear a phone of a San Bernardino shooter. In an talk with FT, a Microsoft owner simply reiterates a Justice Department’s explain that this is a one-off box and a FBI is not seeking for a ubiquitous unlocking tool.

“This is a specific box where a supervision is seeking for entrance to information,” Bill Gates told The Financial Times. “They are not seeking for some ubiquitous thing, they are seeking for a sold case,”

“It is no opposite than [the doubt of] should anybody ever have been means to tell a phone association to get information, should anybody be means to get during bank records,” he said. “Let’s contend a bank had tied a badge turn a hoop expostulate and pronounced ‘don’t make me cut this badge since you’ll make me cut it many times’.”

Gates’ comments stands in sheer contrariety to those done by executives during Google, Facebook and most of Silicon Valley, who have applauded Tim Cook’s hardline position opposite opening this sold iPhone.

Just yesterday Tim Cook expelled another letter, this time to Apple employees, where he called for a FBI sequence to be forsaken and thanking Apple employees for operative on confidence facilities that strengthen patron data.

Apple vs FBI

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