Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Beware, Your Next Update From Google Could Actually Be a Downgrade!

Google has a story of goofus ups per updates, and a tech hulk has mostly faced a brunt of inadequate updates. In one of a latest cases, it looks like a Nexus 6 has come underneath some difficulty and Google is now pulling a Android 7.1.1 refurbish from it and bringing it behind to Android 7.0.

The association suspicion that this pierce would repair a problem, though it eventually resulted in creation it some-more complicated. As per a comments of several Nexus 6 users on Reddit, Google is pulling a uninformed refurbish to hillside a Nexus 6 to Android 7.0. Now, a problem here is that this new refurbish does not ask users to reset their device before entrance on to a new (err old) chronicle and conjunction does it have a step for involuntary reset.

Usually, when a user downgrades a Android device to a prior version, a phone prompts for a reset, though in this case, there is no such step. The miss of this step is causing a device to pile-up now and then, that is creation it unfit to use.

One of a Reddit users, CrazyAndroidMonster, common a Nexus 6 emanate on a forum, where he wrote:

Exactly what we said, it creates no sense. It was on 7.1.1 (it had been sideloaded a integrate of months ago). The refurbish pronounced 7.0. The refurbish went by and scarcely all in a OS now spam crashes. we am going to have to sideload a latest bureau image.

For a Nexus 6 owners who have perceived a refurbish and have not commissioned it, it would be in a best seductiveness of your device to not implement a update. Please review a outline delicately before installing any update. In box we have already commissioned it afterwards we would advise a bureau reset. Steer transparent of any new program refurbish until Google comes adult with a fix.

To recap, we recently reported about Google’s pierce to postponement Android 7.1.1 refurbish for a Nexus 6 since of SafetyNet and Android Pay issues. It is not nonetheless transparent how most time Google will take to solve this issue.


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