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BEWARE: Latest Gigabyte X370 Motherboard BIOS Can Permanently Damage AMD Ryzen CPUs, Sets Voltage Up To 1.7V

AMD and their partners are arising new program and BIOS updates to excellent balance Ryzen CPUs and X370 motherboards on weekly basis. The new updates yield opening increases and altogether fortitude for a height however one such refurbish from Gigabyte might means permanent repairs to your Ryzen CPU.

Reports of AMD Ryzen CPUs Burning Out After Gigabyte’s Latest X370 Motherboard BIOS Update Emerge

Gigabyte posted a new BIOS on their support page for a X370 Gaming K7 and X370 Gaming K5. The specific BIOS versions are F5 for a Gaming K7 and F7 for a Gaming K5. Now according to Gigabyte themselves, a BIOS should broach optimal opening nonetheless that’s not a box during all.

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The emanate isn’t technically with AMD CPUs or any other motherboards. It quite associated to Gigabyte X370 motherboards. When using a BIOS, users have seen a vCore Voltages floating between 1.5-1.7V that is crazy high. The default vCore values should be set around 1.2V nonetheless as anyone can tell, that’s not a box here. Such high voltages can lead to permanent repairs to a CPU and a BIOS has already led to dual victims.

Over in Gigabyte and other tech forums (as speckled by TechpowerUp), mixed users are stating that their AMD Ryzen CPUs have burnt off and aren’t fit for anymore use during all. Other users who were discerning to conflict to this emanate have alerted others to use a Gigabyte flashback application to return to an comparison BIOS. Here are some quotes from several forums:

That is in a firmware records nonetheless DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!! That firmware melts CPUs with large overvolting. Stick with F6 for now. around Gigabyte Forums

F5 is dangerous. we did bucket optimized defaults before and after flashing. Entered settings and started to check memory settings.  About 2-3 hours after complement was unbootable. we nonetheless that house bricked itself, nonetheless it seems that it boiled a cpu. Local play checked a cpu. It’s dead, fortunally they concluded to reinstate it. A lot faster than Gigabyte. No offical word on forums and sheet is still in new standing on esupport. via Gigabyte Forums

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Do not use BIOS rider F5 on your house if we wish to keep your CPU. we had temps that were simply too high so we started doing some questioning and a bottom CPU Vcore appears to be 1.5500v instead of 1.2250v. It still says we are environment 1.2250v nonetheless it isn’t. If we use Normal and a certain equivalent it adds that to 1.5500v. If we try to set 1.2250v directly it still provides 1.5500v. It is messed adult and who knows what else is messed adult too. we tested this on my 1700 (other CPUs might be influenced differently). around Gigabyte Forums

User psyko12 over during Techpowerup Forums has a good run down on a whole conditions that we can review below:

Just wanted to share something per gigabytes x370 K7 BIOS or maybe other house BIOS that they expelled on 2017/08/18.

K7 owners here and stating some commentary about a puzzling F5 bios that came out on a central site (it didn’t go thru a BETA bios thread), it was only posted as a “stable” release.

Having flashed a bios some users beheld it to set a cpu vcore to a really high voltage 1.55v instead of a default 1.2ish~ v. Having practical optimized settings saved and restarted it went behind to normal.

Findings: Most or some users got a same experience.

More info, it is something to do with automobile and voltage offsetting that this bug occurs, nonetheless if we set it to use a primer voltage and use LLC to recompense afterwards we are golden.
At a impulse have review and found out some people removing their processors boiled due to this bug. We haven’t listened nonetheless from gigabyte in their forums per this one.

Minus that really really bad bug, altogether a bios is really good. It has unbarred some-more dividers/mhz for a memory (3066, etc.).

+Noticed with a same oc settings that we use, a VRMs are also approach cooler than prior set of bioses also my appurtenance idle temps are approach reduce (atm using honeyed mark 3.8ghz on all cores)
+XMP on some kits even on other dies that a saintly b-dies can strike XMP with only branch on a environment though serve tweaks. (I had to lift impel voltages to make it fast tho 1.4v)
+The scandalous soothing section emanate (for me maybe) does not occur (haven’t beheld it too on F4). Maybe we only go lucky.

As of date we saw 2 or 3 persons on a gigabyte forum stating of boiled processors.

Gigabyte hasn’t released a response nonetheless nonetheless they did refurbish their support page and have private a influenced BIOS from a downloads list. All users that did refurbish their Gigabyte X370 BIOS in a new while should check if they aren’t using a BIOS versions listed above to equivocate any arrange of nuisance or repairs to their Ryzen CPU. If so, we can return it behind in a matter of seconds by a BIOS flashback utility.

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