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Best Shooter Games of 2016 – Spoiled for Choice

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2016 has been a truly implausible year for shooters – from DOOM’s good and genre-redefining lapse to form to a fondly informed sharpened of Modern Warfare Remastered, there have been many titles for fans of guns to collect up. If you’ve skipped out on bullets and flashbangs this year, afterwards you’ve got copiousness to locate adult with; here’s a list of best shooter games expelled in 2016.

DOOM (8.6/10)

DOOM deathmatch

I was one of a many people claiming DOOM would destroy before it even had a chance. What we found to be temperate teasers and an uninspiring multiplayer beta became what really good competence be a best shooter of a year – if not of a generation. DOOM melds complicated sensibilities with a speed and transformation that done a originals present classics. You’ll find yourself drifting by levels gnawing demons in half a whole proceed through, with a large laugh on your face. The extraordinary graphics and opening are only a ideal topping on a cake.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (8/10)

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Activision’s FPS flagship array is indeed flattering good this year. Taking some tips from a likes of Titanfall and Mass Effect, Infinite Warfare takes a array interstellar, roving opposite a universe and sharpened whoever needs shot this time round. Can’t contend a story is utterly fascinating (though some characters are utterly memorable), yet roving to missions from a universe map and picking your loadout creates Infinite Warfare feel like a slower, some-more delicately deliberate proceed to Call of Duty, one really most appreciated. The dogfighting is surprisingly fun, too.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (8.4/10)


Call of Duty 4 was a branch indicate for a array when complicated fight unexpected altered all and Call of Duty became zero brief of a informative materialisation – a prodigy that they’ve been struggling to replicate since. In comes Modern Warfare Remastered, reminding us all because we fell in adore with this series. The laconic spin pattern and parsimonious storyline all lift together to emanate a illusory shooter knowledge – one that looks improved than ever in this lovingly minute remaster. It’s no consternation that multiplayer for this diversion is even some-more renouned than Infinite Warfare’s.

Shadow Warrior 2 (8.8/10)


Do we like Wang jokes? Because Shadow Warrior 2’s lead Wang is impossibly lustful of them. Other things he has a affinity for includes guns, swords, and visionary appetite that turns Wang into a equivocal superhuman. Seemingly sketch from a same pool of impulse used by id Software with DOOM, Shadow Warrior 2 emphasizes speed and shooting, with a occasional visionary katana combo that will fire appetite beams from each swipe, of course. The spin pattern is flattering questionable, with a dodgy procedural generation, yet a gameplay is unspeakably cool, even if you’re not a large fan of Wang. This time, we can even fire and condense monsters with friends.

Battlefield 1

battlefield 1 tumble update

Battlefield is behind with a chronological twist. Eschewing a now-traditional complicated or even World War 2 environment for a some-more implicitly severe Great War was a large charge for DICE, yet they rose to a plea and did improved than any of us could’ve hoped. It’s an essential shooter, between a surprisingly good debate (built around a judgment of fight stories) and one of a best multiplayer offerings Battlefield has given us in years.

DICE cracked sales annals with Battlefield 1 and with some-more maps, modes and factions due to be combined in a entrance months, it looks like a fun is only beginning.

Titanfall 2


Criminally ignored, woefully overlooked, impossibly good. For many Titanfall 2 is a year’s really best shooter, with illusory transformation mechanics that make sharpened feel uninformed all over again. Throw in a code new debate that pairs we adult with a drudge companion and Titanfall 2 is a some-more finish knowledge than a initial game, yet with some-more to penetrate your teeth into than ever before. If you’re meditative of shopping a diversion for multiplayer, though, it’s value indicating out that a low actor bottom competence spin into a problem soon.

Gears of War 4 (9/10)

Gears Of War 4

Gears is behind on a latest gen of consoles with a illusory lapse to form. Things might be opposite – everything’s a bit reduction dim now and some-more colorful – yet classical Gears of War sharpened is behind and improved than ever before. With implausible visible effects and a low multiplayer (with sparkling additions to a Horde mode) to penetrate hours into, there’s never been a improved time to start personification Gears. Not to discuss there’s even crossplay now, permitting we to


You knew this was going to be on a list, right? Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter has strike astronomical heights this year, with headlines about a characters, new costumes and new characters apropos a consistent in games media. Whether it’s Tracer’s sexuality or a new display for D.Va, Overwatch is an comprehensive sensation. Taking what done games like Team Fortress 2 legends and creation it bigger and improved than ever before, Overwatch has a small something for everyone.

Special mentions

While these mentioned above were positively a best shooter games expelled this year, there are during slightest a few some-more value indicating out to genre fans. Don’t forget to opinion in a Reader’s Awards 2016 poll!

  • Killing Floor 2 (8.5/10)
  • Battleborn (8/10)
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Rainbow Six: Siege Updates DLC

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