Published On: Tue, Jan 26th, 2021

Berlin’s Remagine secures $24M to financial high-growth and impact-led startups

Remagine, a financing height charity banking services to high-growth companies with an ‘impact’ twist, has lifted €20 million ($24M) in a Seed appropriation round. The Berlin-based startup has been handling in secrecy mode, though already has 20 clients underneath a former code name ‘Get Conscious Growth’. Its backers embody former Global Head of Google Payment Jonathan Weiner and former COO of Venmo Michael Vaughn. Remagine’s lead financier is unfinished though Techcrunch understands it comprises mostly of debt financing.

The fintech will specialize in charity revenue-based financing for high-growth and impact-led businesses, that tends to be some-more founder-friendly than equity or debt products, permitting them to fast secure appropriation while staying in control of their business. Remagine will rollout business accounts in a entrance months from a bottom in Germany, and skeleton to enhance opposite Europe.

While a conform in fintech for a while now has been ‘Neo’ or ‘challenger’ banks, there is a new multiply arriving: financing platforms. These offer banking services though also offer additional facilities directed during new businesses. Another instance is Rho in New York, that recently lifted $15m.

The ‘twist’ is that Remagine is going to aim during business with a ‘sustainable and impactful’ focussed to their business indication that competence have a ‘positive amicable and environmental impact’. Remagine itself says it is also committing to impact-driven initiatives and will minister 10% of a increase to impact causes.
Founded by Julia M. Profeta Johansson and Sebastian Dienst, co-CEO Dienst pronounced in a statement: “We trust collateral and record can be army for good. When used together, they can be absolute collection that assistance figure a future. The plea now is to figure it in a approach that aligns people and universe with profit,” said “We trust that each business – large and tiny – can be some-more tolerable and impactful. Remagine has been combined to assistance them grasp this.”
Johansson added: “Having already supposing financing to countless companies, a supports lifted will concede us to support many some-more startups towards some-more impact. With a arriving launch of a accounts and cards, we’re vehement to continue to grow a team, deposit serve in a products, and assistance emanate a universe where income and business are army for good.”
Weiner said: “Sustainability and impact have turn increasingly applicable for businesses over a past decade and today, investigate shows that scarcely four-fifths of CEOs are formulation to align their business plan with amicable and environmental goals.. Remagine’s goal and business indication enables founders to cruise both their bottom line and their impact. This is a destiny of financing and we’re gay to be a partial of it.”
Remagine’s products will embody Team cards (unlimited apart cards for group members to urge responsibility management); Multi-IBANs; analytics; 0 disastrous interest; and giveaway accounts. It’s competitors embody Finom and Penta, though these tend to concentration some-more on SMEs rather than startups.

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