Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

Believe it or Not, This Billboard Cover Was Shot Using iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode

Apple claims a iPhone 7 has a good camera, yet how good exactly? Apparently, it’s good adequate for one photographer to embankment his veteran DSLR rigging and do a cover fire for Billboard regulating zero yet his iPhone 7 Plus.

Portrait Mode is No Joke – Photographer Miller Mobley Uses His iPhone 7 Plus to Pull off a Billboard Cover Photo

Ever given a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched during a tail finish of final year, Apple has been focusing a lot on a camera prowess. In fact, detached from expanding a Shot on iPhone debate by highlighting a flagships’ low light performance, a association has now started to concentration on a device’s Portrait mode. This is a underline that is disdainful to a iPhone 7 Plus due to a twin lens camera setup.

Portrait mode on a iPhone 7 Plus is so good apparently that photographer Miller Mobley went forward and used it to fire a latest cover for Billboard, featuring model Camila Cabello. Mind you, Miller is a veteran photographer who uses high-end rigging to get his pursuit done. And a cold thing about a latest Billboard cover is that Miller has never ever finished something like this with an iPhone before. This is a initial time he’s pulling off such a feat.

Of course, a finish outcome we see on a Billboard cover has been overwhelmed adult and edited to make it demeanour some-more professional. But a whole indicate is a elementary one: we don’t have to use thousands of dollars in apparatus to do a photoshoot. If we have a good square of tech during your ordering and know your approach around it, either it’s any smartphone during all, afterwards we can lift off a lot of good stuff instantly.

If we are meddlesome about a photoshoot in some-more detail, afterwards be certain to conduct over to Billboard.

Wrap Up

It’s conspicuous what smartphones are able of doing these days. Apart from a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a Google Pixel is an violent small camera as well. It only stays to be seen either or not photographers will spin these smartphones into their go-to camera in a time to come.

The benefaction formula paint a earnest design though.

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