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Battlefield 1 1.13 Update Now Live; Full Patch Notes Released | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Tue, Sep 5th, 2017

Battlefield 1 1.13 Update Now Live; Full Patch Notes Released



Galicia – An confirmed quarrel opposite a war-torn stream hollow combined with Battlefield 1 chronicle 1.13.
Brusilov Keep – A tiny encampment high in a Carpathians braces for a Russian siege.
Albion – German ships invade a West Estonian Archipelago.
Tsaritsyn – Old and new Russia strife in a war-torn streets of Tsaritsyn.
Volga River – An epic tank conflict along Volga River comes with Battlefield 1 1.13 update.
Battlefield 1 chronicle 1.13 In a Name of a Tsar images (1)
Battlefield 1 chronicle 1.13 for PS4, Xbox One.

battlefield-1-prise-de-tahureRelated [UPDATE] Battlefield 1 To Get HDR Support Soon; New Update To Release Today


Resupplying infantry was essential to feat in WW1, and a use of airplanes to broach much-needed reserve was a totally new tactic. Battlefield 1 refurbish 1.13 adds a new Supply Drop mode, airdrops will seem periodically, and your group contingency urge a dump plcae to redeem those supplies. The group that recovers a many reserve during a finish of a compare wins.


Brusilov Offensive – The Russian army deploys new strategy on a Eastern Front in 1916.
Red Tide – The Russian Red Army and White Guard strife in polite fight during 1919.


The Russian Empire’s White Guard
Red Army


Putilov Garford
305/52 O Coastal Gun
Hussar Cavalry Unit


Battlefield 1 refurbish 1.13 In a Name of a Tsar comes with a engorgement of new weapons:


Model 1900
SMG 08/18

FA Automatic Rifle
General Liu Rifle

Parabellum MG 14/17
Perino Model 1908

Mosin Nagant M91
Vetterli Vitali M1870/87

C93 Carbine
Sidearm (all kits)

Nagant Revolver
Obrez Pistol
Melee (all kits)

Cossack Dagger
Dud Club



Prepare for conflict like never before with a Specialization system. Battlefield 1 refurbish 1.13 brings new customization options will concede we to raise your efficacy on a terrain and tweak your infantryman to try new ways to play. All players will start with a set of simple Specializations and many some-more can be unbarred by completing Service Assignments.

Service Assignments are a new set of hurdles that will exam your eagerness as a soldier. Show that you’ve got what it takes with a “Getting Started” assignments before relocating on to a some-more formidable “Staying Focused” challenges.


Battlefield 1 refurbish 1.13 combined support for HDR10. With HDR (High Dynamic Range), a visuals of Battlefield 1 will be even some-more monumental for owners of a compulsory tech (a shade with HDR support together with a console/PC with HDR capabilities.) HDR expands a contrariety ratio and tone palette to offer some-more realistic, immersive, and healthy visuals.


Fixed emanate where a Origin Access dog tab was not being unbarred when subscribed to Origin Access.
Added Service Assignments and Specializations.


Battlefield 1 1.13 bound emanate where a wrong arrange idol was displayed on a Kill Card for Rank 110.
Fixed emanate where some weapons were not being entirely customizable from a front end.
Battlefield 1 chronicle 1.13 has transposed shortcuts on Home Screen with energetic Battlepacks and Service Assignments widgets.
The name filter now trims dull filter texts in a Server Browser.
Game servers with tradition pattern are now designated as CUSTOM in a Server Browser.
Fixed emanate accessing Options menu after withdrawal a server queue.
Battlefield 1 chronicle 1.13 bound an emanate in a End of Round shade where all Class Rank icons were bullion instead of a analogous Gold, Silver, or Bronze Rank value.


Bombers should no longer take mixed repairs pings from a singular bullet.
Changes to still arms correct and respawn – if not remade for dual minutes, a QF1 AA, FK96 Field Gun, and 305/52 O Coastal Gun will be easy to full health. Players can still use a correct apparatus to get them behind into movement faster.
Fixed emanate where dismounting a equine while it was jumping would means it to get stranded in a burst animation.


Fixed emanate where it was probable to parent with transcribe gadgets.


Battlefield 1 chronicle 1.13 refurbish for PS4 and Xbox One has bound coll a sion on staircase in Fort de Vaux to concede players to stand them while prone.
The Best Squad shade will now seem after an operation is completed.
Battlefield 1 refurbish 1.13 bound emanate where impression models would seem becloud in a Best Squad screen.
Improved loading of a Customize Soldier shade on a categorical menu.
Fixed emanate where a kill label would infrequently not uncover while spectating other players.


Battlefield 1 refurbish 1.13 has bound a arrangement conditions for latency movement icon.
Improved server-side actor latency stability.


Battlefield 1 1.13 refurbish has increasing RSP map revolution extent from 15 to 24.

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