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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review – A Playable 90s Comic Book, For Better or Worse

Battle Chasers is back. That might not meant many to many folks in 2017, though if we were a hardcore comic bulb in a late 90s, a imminent recover of Battle Chasers: Nightwar might stir adult a few emotions. Excitement, curiosity, and maybe a bit of frustration.

Created by artist Joe Madureira, Battle Chasers was groundbreaking things behind in 1998. The array was heavily shabby by Japanese manga, that was usually commencement to be localized in a large way, and did a lot to repopularize anticipation comics. Unfortunately, Battle Chasers’ impact was dull by a fact that Madureira couldn’t keep to a schedule, producing usually dual or 3 issues a year. The 9th, and so distant final, emanate of Battle Chasers arrived in 2001 and finished on a cliffhanger that’s never been settled.

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A career transition from comics to video diversion growth was a categorical reason Madureira deserted Battle Chasers, so it’s a hold mocking a array is now returning in interactive form. But hey, we could disagree games are Joe Mad’s loyal calling. The Darksiders authorization (which he created) is improved than any comic he’s ever done. Does Battle Chasers strech new heights as a video game, or is this another cube of 90s nostalgia best left in a past? Time to follow down some answers.

First, a vital (and rather disappointing) indicate of construction – Battle Chasers: Nightwar does not directly continue a tract from a comics. It facilities a same characters and elementary setup, though introduces a new story and world. According to a Nightwar Kickstarter page, a Battle Chasers comic is also being revived, with emanate #10 entrance during some vague indicate in a future, though longtime fans shouldn’t pattern many closure from a diversion itself.

For those unfamiliar, Battle Chasers follows a adventures of a immature lady named Gully, who inherits a span of absolute fascinated gauntlets following a disappearance of her father. As Gully searches for dear ol’ father and tries to keep his gauntlets from descending into a wrong hands, she gathers a rope of absolute allies. They embody peaceful fight golem Calibretto, plain-spoken sorceress Knolan, brooding swordsman Garrison, and voluptuous annuity hunter Red Monika. Battle Chasers: Nightwar kicks off with a squad drifting to a puzzling Crescent Isle, where they wish to find answers about a decrease of mana, source of a world’s magic. Unfortunately, their airship is shot down by bandits, withdrawal a celebration scattered.

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If Battle Chasers’ expel sounds a bit stock, there’s a reason for that – a bizarre comic array borrowed a lot of impulse and tropes from JRPG classics like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. The tract of Battle Chasers: Nightwar is also rather utilitarian, portion especially to propel a actor from one goal or cave to a next. NPCs pleasure in giving we a runaround, and clearly each teenager pattern is arrogant into an elaborate multi-stage mission. we did eventually turn tolerably engrossed in Nightwar’s story, though it would be a widen to contend a diversion ever unequivocally astounded me.

Thankfully, Battle Chasers: Nightwar elevates a rather derivative universe with some truly illusory visuals. Joe Madureira’s singular art character is brought to clear life around a game’s beautifully-detailed and charcterised characters, and dungeons have a rich, roughly painterly quality. Other good touches embody fun comic book-style 2D cutscenes, a nicely-animated intro, and full voice acting. Nightwar might be a comparatively low-budget indie game, though a prolongation is on customary with many better-funded RPG projects from studios like Blizzard and Obsidian Entertainment.

In terms of diversion design, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a brew of Japanese and Western RPG sensibilities. In classical JRPG style, Nightwar facilities a elementary overworld, turn-based combat, and linear structure, though a dungeons are ripped directly from Diablo. The isometric perspective, randomized layouts, stat-boosting shrines, and piles of honeyed rob are all accounted for. Nightwar won’t win any creation awards for a proceed to a dungeons, though it does a good pursuit of replicating Diablo’s low-key addictive appeal.

Granted, Battle Chasers: Nightwar does brew it adult a bit when it comes to combat. Rather than duplicating Diablo’s elementary penetrate ‘n’ condense system, Nightwar instead goes a Final Fantasy route. Your celebration and a baddies line adult on possibly side of a screen, and we select from a accumulation of customary attacks and some-more absolute mana-draining abilities. The diversion dusts off a aged Active Time Battle system, in that some-more useful abilities take longer to lift off, necessitating some pre-planning on a player’s part. You don’t wish to leave your celebration open by charging adult too many large moves during once.

So far, so standard, nonetheless Nightwar does deliver one new tweak to a aged formula. Landing elementary attacks will “overcharge” your mana bar, permitting we to use abilities though exhausting your categorical mana pool. As a elementary example, when Gully hits her customary “Jab” move, she gains 10 Overcharge, that she can afterwards use to unleash her Scatter Shot ability though touching her core mana. Dungeons are prolonged and we aren’t given a lot of mana to get by them, so handling your Overcharge is essential. Ideally, we should launch roughly all your abilities regulating Overcharge, nonetheless meaningful when to say, “To heck with it” and drop into your core mana pool is an critical partial of Nightwar’s strategy.

And that’s about a border of Nightwar’s conflict innovations. There’s also a Burst Meter, that fills as we land attacks and catch damage, eventually permitting we to let lax a utterly useful ability, though we’ve seen that in copiousness of RPGs before. Nightwar’s few remaining touches of individuality mostly come from a characters – yes, a Battle Chasers expel is mostly done adult of common tropes, though they uncover a some-more bizarre side in battle. For instance, a off-hand Gully is indeed a party’s tank, while a bumbling fight appurtenance Calibretto is your surprisingly-frail healer. There’s an art to best-using them all, and once we get a ability to select your celebration members, we can have some fun anticipating your favorite combinations.

Ultimately, fights in Battle Chasers: Nightwar are utterly satisfying, in annoy of their familiarity. The system’s usually vital smirch is that battles can be a bit drawn out. Your attacks don’t do as many repairs as they could, definition even comparatively low-level battles take mins to plow through. This doesn’t filigree good with a game’s Diablo-style turn designs – a mixed of unenlightened cave hacking and slow turn-based battles can start to feel like a bit of a grind.

Really, harsh is a pivotal word when articulate about Battle Chasers: Nightwar. You benefit levels slowly, income is tough to come by, and many stuff, even basis like recovering potions, need to be crafted. The diversion expects we to take mixed trips by a dungeons to benefit knowledge and loot, and fighting by a same turn-based battles regularly can turn a drag. There’s a reason Diablo has always done fight as foolish as possible.

Honestly, Battle Chasers: Nightwar feels like a 15-hour diversion that’s been artificially pumped adult to 25 hours. You’re positively removing good value for your $30, utterly if we adore harsh for loot, though we mostly wished a diversion would collect adult a pace. Given a series’ history, it feels bizarre to protest about removing too much Battle Chasers content, though infrequently reduction is more.

This examination was formed on a PC duplicate of Battle Chasers: Nightwar supposing by publisher THQ Nordic. You can buy a diversion around Amazon.

Like a bizarre comic book series, Battle Chasers: Nightwar looks illusory though feels a bit hollow. The game’s JRPG conflict complement and Diablo-style dungeons are stone plain though don’t move many new ideas to a table. If you’re unequivocally into Joe Madureira’s art or harsh for loot, you’ll find copiousness to like here, though a ubiquitous RPG assembly might find a diversion somewhat lacking in flavor. Not bad during all, usually a small flat. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that a video game, formed on a comic book, formed on progressing video games feels like it’s swelling a impulse a bit thin.

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