Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight – PS4 Users Experiences Issue With Leaderboards

The recover of Batman Arkham Knight on PC has not been good for Rocksteady to contend a least. The PC chronicle had several issues and was a bug filthy mess. With so most critique entrance their way, Rocksteady did not have most of a choice other than to suspend/delay a recover of a diversion with a open apology.

We wish to apologize to those of we who are experiencing opening issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues really severely and have therefore motionless to postpone destiny diversion sales of a PC chronicle while we work to residence these issues to prove a peculiarity standards. We severely value a business and know that while there are a poignant volume of players who are enjoying a diversion on PC, we wish to do whatever we can to make a knowledge improved for PC players overall……

The developers are doing all they can to fix issues that a diversion has on PCs though It is critical that they don’t omit a console versions of a diversion altogether. News entrance in is that a PS4 chronicle of Batman Arkham Knight has an emanate with a leaderboards and they’re not operative on a PS4.


Batman Arkham Knight – Connection to a PlayStation Network Could Not Be Established

Over a past few days, PS4 users have submitted their queries about a game’s leaderboards not display and merely restarting a diversion or deletion saves and caches does not lessen a issue. The blunder page displays a following message:


The emanate continues in-game too when a leaderboards don’t uncover adult when we finish a diversion goal that is a partial of a diversion where a diversion keeps lane of your scores so we can review them with your friends and gamers online to applaud your success.

Some online trust that this emanate competence be a outcome of a games overloaded servers (the same happened to Mortal Kombat X that is another Warner Bros. title). This network emanate is usually inspiring a PS4 chronicle of a diversion (as distant as a reports suggest) and does not meddle with a ubiquitous playability of a game.

This emanate with a PS4 chronicle of Batman Arkham Knight competence not be show-stopping though it is still something that a developers should demeanour into as shortly as possible.

Stay tuned for some-more on Batman Arkham Knight and do share your views with us in a comments section.

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