Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight – PC Patch Coming First – Challenge Maps Might Be on Their Way

Sales of Batman Arkham Knight PC chronicle have been dangling by Rocksteady Studios that released an reparation matter to a gaming village for a badly optimised PC port. The developers will re-release a diversion once a patch for a diversion is finish and a diversion is in fast condition. Part of a matter by Warner Bros. reads:

We wish to apologize to those of we who are experiencing opening issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues really severely and have therefore motionless to postpone destiny diversion sales of a PC chronicle while we work to residence these issues to prove a peculiarity standards. We severely value a business and know that while there are a poignant volume of players who are enjoying a diversion on PC, we wish to do whatever we can to make a knowledge improved for PC players overall……

Additionally, a developers have also offering to reinstate a diversion to anyone who is discontented and does not wish a diversion as it’s recover competence have been dangling to Fall 2015. Their central page is updated with a following statement:

Coming to SteamOS, Linux Mac Batman: Arkham Knight will be accessible on SteamOS, Linux and Mac in Fall 2015. ABOUT THIS GAME: Batman™: Arkham Knight brings a award-winning Arkham trilogy from Rocksteady Studios to a epic conclusion.


Co-Founder Sefton Hill Assures a Gamers that PC Patch for Batman Arkham Knight is Their First Priority

The Co-founder during Rocksteady Studios, Sefton Hill done his approach on to Twitter yesterday, pity behind a scenes on patch work with a gamers and calming them that a PC patch was their initial and inaugural priority. He pronounced that they are operative on regulating a issues as shortly as possible:

“Totally upheld preference to postpone PC version. We have a best engineers during Rocksteady operative like crazy to assistance repair a issues ASAP.”

He also forked out that plea maps competence be on their approach for Batman Arkham Knight and that this does not meant that they will make PC patch a delegate priority.

“Thanks for a feedback! We hear we and are looking into it. Will keep we updated. (PC fixes come first) “

The couple next follows another twitter that says:

Big pull for plea maps/having allies playable in them for #ArkhamKnight. @Seftonhill @GazDeaves @RocksteadyGames guys make it so!

The developers during Rocksteady are operative tough to move we a PC patch as shortly as probable and we will keep we updated with any serve news on a game. So stay tuned and share your views with us in a comments section.

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