Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

Batman: Arkham Dev Rocksteady Busy On “Next Project”; Don’t Expect Arkham Knight PS4 Pro Patch

Rocksteady Studios, a developer behind a Batman: Arkham series, is tough during work on a subsequent plan yet don’t design sum anytime soon. In addition, a British developer suggested that a Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Pro isn’t being designed during a moment.

The news comes from Rocksteady’s co-founder and artistic director, Sefton Hill, who took to Reddit for an AMA yesterday together with amicable selling manager Gaz Deaves.

Since a recover of Sony’s PS4 Pro final month, many titles have been receiving rags to make use of a additional energy within a extended PS4. This also relates to a new Batman: Return to Arkham remaster that introduces a accumulation of visible and opening improvements on a Pro. While some competence have approaching a PS4 Pro refurbish for Arkham Knight as well, this doesn’t seem to be a case. When asked about a PS4 Pro patch, Rocksteady’s co-founder responded that they are not “planning” such an refurbish during a moment. “Good to hear from you. We’re happy to make we feel a feels! Unfortunately we are not formulation a patch for PS4 during this time”, Hill said.

“I know that’s not what we wish to hear yet improved to be honest. We did recover a patch for Arkham VR to support a Pro, that is a good square of tech. I’m looking forwards to personification it with my new 4k TV!”

Hill also had something to share about a studios subsequent project, that is being actively worked on. “We’re really tough during work on a subsequent plan yet we won’t be releasing a sum for a while”, Hill said. “When we do we guys will be initial to hear as we wish to get a village concerned heavily in what we do next.”

Not most is famous about Rocksteady’s new project, yet a expected that a studio will finally be relocating on to Unreal Engine 4 for a subsequent game.

What would we like to see from a British developer in a nearby future? Leave a criticism below.

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