Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2020

Bang & Olufsen’s latest Beoplay E8 entirely wireless earbuds offer tip sound and comfort

Bang Olufsen has an glorious repute in home audio, and a strange Beoplay E8 entirely wireless headphones were a difficulty personality when there was hardly a difficulty to lead. The association recently launched a third chronicle of a E8, a new era of hardware that comes with a series of improvements for softened audio peculiarity and convenience, including wireless charging, adult to 7 hours of continual use on a singular assign and a latest Bluetooth standards for softened audio quality, handling stretch and latency.

BO’s latest wireless headset is a must-have for sound peculiarity enthusiasts as a result, providing all-day comfort and wearability, glorious pacifist sound siege and rich, worldly audio opening that does a good pursuit of digest a low finish though though sacrificing any fact during aloft frequencies, either.


The pattern of a tangible Beoplay E8 buds hasn’t altered most given a strange chronicle — though in this case, that’s a really good thing, since a strange pattern has remained one of my all-time favorites for entirely wireless in-ear buds. You get a small, neat blossom with a dull face and touch-sensitive surfaces for primer control.

However, BO has done some teenager updates to a design, including removing absolved of an strange outgrowth that stranded out rather from a differently round sides of a original, and on a black chronicle we tested, what was once an middle silver-colored lead accent rope on a face now has a glossy black finish. The altogether outcome is to make them even some-more understated and attractive.

While a originals also offering good fit, in my use it seems like BO has softened a earthy pattern on that scale, too. Whereas before we would spasmodic have to reseat one or a other of a buds to get a correct noise-isolating seal, a E8 3rd Gen seems to only fit scrupulously once they’re in, no matter how prolonged we wear them.

The final thing to discuss per pattern is a case. It’s somehow both smaller and some-more pocketable than a box for a original, though also includes wireless charging so that we can set it down on any Qi-based wireless charging pad (the same kind that works with complicated iPhones and Android devices) and have it assign both a case, that contains additional battery ability for a buds (bringing sum play time to adult to 35 hours, per BO), and a buds themselves. The box is wrapped in a pebbled leather finish that feels fantastic, and a captivating grip ensures it stays sealed while in transit. Magnets also assistance we make certain your buds are scrupulously seated in a box to charge.


The initial indicate to make about a third-generation Beoplay E8 is that they sound fantastic. By only about each measure, they are a best-sounding wireless earbuds I’ve used, including a AirPods Pro and Sony’s WF-1000MX3, both renouned options. The E8 conduct sound subdivision and clarity that is certain to greatfully even hardcore audiophiles, and they sound good regardless of what kind of song you’re listening to, though they surpass with high-quality, lossless recording formats.

In terms of sound isolation, a Beoplay E8 are also superb performers. They don’t have active sound cancellation, though their pacifist restraint is intensely good during gripping out ambient noise. So most so that it’s good BO enclosed a clarity underline (accessible by drumming a left earbud) to siren in ambient sound, that is good for when we wish to be some-more wakeful of your surroundings. Sound siege and comfort both get even softened when we make use of a enclosed Comply memory froth eartips that boat with a Beoplay E8, that is an glorious reward because, generally speaking, Comply tips need an additional squeeze for only about each other set of earbuds.

The E8 is also a good headset for creation calls, interjection to onboard mics that yield transparent vocals mostly giveaway of credentials noise. And since they underline both aptX and use Bluetooth 5.1, they’re also glorious for examination video and holding video calls on both mobile inclination and computers, though any genuine conspicuous lag.

Bottom line

Bang Olufsen make reward products, and they come with reward cost tags — during $350, a Beoplay E8 3rd Gen is no exception. But for that money, you’re removing reward build quality, good aesthetics and class-leading sound. For those who wish a best audio probable in entirely wireless buds, these are a ones to get. They’re illusory for all-day wear for a work-at-home lifestyle, and offer good portability and sound clarity for holding with we on a go, too.

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