Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2019

Bandai Reveals New Galar Pokémon Toys

A few weeks ago we were treated to a initial demeanour during a new set of Pokémon Sword and Shield plush toys headed to Japan – including a darling Wooloo, of march – and now even some-more small goodies have been revealed.

Bandai has common a initial demeanour during a arriving Pokémon Kids figures, all of that are formed on a new anime that has already started in Japan. We can see a show’s dual categorical stars, Ash and Go, as good as a series of new Pokémon like Gossifleur, Rolycoly, and Alcremie. The set even includes some comparison faces, too, like Pelipper and a dabbing Riolu.


The total are set to be expelled in Japan after this year and will join a already-announced set of total seen below.


Naturally, these aren’t always easy to find in a west, so we might have to review to dilettante import stores or eBay if you’re wanting to squeeze some from abroad.

We’ll take Sobble and Wooloo, please.

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