Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

Bandai Namco Collaborates with Dontnod for a New Narrative Adventure IP

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that it is operative with Dontnod Entertainment (the studio obliged for Life is Strange, Remember Me and Vampyr) for a growth of a new, rarely focused account journey IP.

There are many announcements that occur during Gamescom 2017, a many critical attention eventuality within a European territory. However, not each plan announced with good trailers, as there are also some longer tenure plans. In this case, it is Bandai Namco who has announced an agreement with Dontnod; obliged for Life is Strange, to move to life a new IP.

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In an talk with MCV, Bandai Namco has announced this agreement, that will move on a marketplace a totally new IP that, like Life Is Strange, feel a bottom in a account section, though including “a satisfactory sip of investigation”. However, nonetheless this can guarantee a lot, sum are really wanting during a impulse and, given a game’s story is still being finalized, we will have to wait until 2018 for sum such as a pretension of a game, rising platforms and a date of attainment to a market.

In that sense, VP of selling and digital, Hervé Hoerdt, told a following to MCV:

We wish [new IPs] to make adult 50 per cent of a business and we’re achieving this by building long-term partnerships with a few studios.

The initial manifest partial of this was Little Nightmares, and we’ve been intensely happy [with it], though this is usually a start of something. We also recently expelled Get Even, and now we’re really happy to partner with Dontnod.

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Dontnod was a kind of severe solid – really most a rising star, we would contend – and with a success of Life is Strange, it’s a initial large actor in terms of peculiarity business model, vision, and we consider that’s a good plan that fits. It was a right moment, so we motionless to partner [with them].

It will be located in a illusory place in a US given we consider that today, to settle a new code with a western audience, it helps to win with a US market, so partial of a choice [in setting] is carrying this tellurian worldwide assembly in mind.

Obviously, a UK advantages from this, that also helps in [broadening a audience, so this is really important. It’s a totally new story, new characters and everything.

Obviously, with a studio like Dontnod, we can design triple-A quality; we can design a really romantic experience, and this is what we were looking for, like with some kind of review and going low into a psychology of a characters, and giving tension to a player. This is what we’re aiming for with this partnership.

The diversion (still but a title) is being grown given 2016 and will be set in an hypothetical US city. There are no other sum during this time, some-more information about plot, gameplay, recover date and aim platforms will be announced in 2018.

Dontnod Entertainment has specified that work on this plan will not meddle with a growth of Life is Strange 2 and Vampyr, as a new IP is grown by a group combined privately for it.

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