Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2019

AWS launches managed Cassandra services

Today during AWS re:Invent, Amazon announced a new ability to conduct Cassandra databases on AWS.

Already used by companies as different as, Netflix, Ooyala, Openwave, Reddit and Uber to conduct distributed NoSQL databases that hoop vast amounts of information opposite commodity servers, a new Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service is AWS’s try to offer Cassandra directly instead of by third-party vendors.

The Amazon MCS is serverless, so users compensate for a resources they use and it can automatically scale adult and down in response to focus traffic, a association says. It enables a growth of applications that can offer thousands of requests per second with total throughput and storage (something that can be impossibly appealing for IOT customers).

With a new services, developers can run Cassandra workloads on AWS regulating a same focus formula and developer collection they’re already using. Application updates only require changing a endpoint to a one in the Amazon MCS use table, a association said.

The information is also encrypted during rest by default regulating encryption keys that are stored in AWS Key Management Service (KMS). And Amazon MCS is also integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to assistance developers conduct and entrance list data, a association said.

Amazon also pronounced it would work with a Cassandra API libraries and minister to bug fixes to a open-source Apache Cassandra project. AWS is charging for on-demand ability during a preview and during ubiquitous accessibility a association will make provisioned throughput accessible for some-more predicted workloads.

For now, a product is a partial of Amazon’s giveaway tier; for a initial 3 months companies can accept a giveaway tier of 30 million write ask units, 30 million review ask units and one gig of storage.

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