Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2020

AWS launches Amazon Location, a new mapping use for developers

AWS currently announced a preview of Amazon Location, a new use for developers who wish to supplement location-based facilities to their web-based and mobile applications.

Based on mapping information from Esri and HERE Technologies, a use provides all of a simple mapping and point-of-interest information we would design from a mapping service, including built-in tracking and geofencing features. It does not offer a routing feature, though.

“We wish to make it easier and some-more cost-effective for we to supplement maps, plcae awareness, and other location-based facilities to your web and mobile applications,” AWS’s Jeff Barr writes in today’s announcement. “Until now, doing this has been rather formidable and expensive, and also tied we to a business and programming models of a singular provider.”

Image Credits: Amazon

At a core, Amazon Location provides a ability to emanate maps, formed on a information and styles accessible from a partners (with some-more partners in a works) and entrance to their points of interest. Those are apparently a dual core facilities for any mapping service. On tip of this, Location also offers built-in support for trackers, so that apps can accept plcae updates from inclination and tract them on a map. This underline can also be related to Amazon Location’s geofencing apparatus so apps can send alerts when a device (or a dog that wears it) leaves a sold area.

It might not be as fully-featured as a Google Maps Platform, for example, though AWS promises that Location will be some-more affordable, with a accumulation of pricing skeleton (and a giveaway three-month trial) that start during $0.04 for retrieving 1,000 map tiles. As with all things AWS, a pricing gets some-more difficult from there though seems utterly reasonable overall.

While we can’t directly review AWS’s tile-based pricing with Google’s plans, it’s value observant that after we go over Google Map Platform’s $200 of giveaway use per month, immobile maps cost $2 per 1,000 requests.

After a series of pricing changes, Google’s mapping services mislaid a lot of goodwill from developers. AWS might be means to gain on this with this new platform, generally if it continues to build out a underline set to fill in some of a stream gaps in a service.


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