Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

AWS goes after Microsoft’s SQL Server with Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

AWS currently announced a new database product that is clearly meant to go after Microsoft’s SQL Server and make it easier — and cheaper — for SQL Server users to quit to a AWS cloud. The new use is Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL. The tagline AWS CEO Andy Jassy used for this use in his re:Invent keynote currently is substantially telling: “Stop profitable for SQL Server licenses we don’t need.” And to uncover how critical it is about this, a association is even open-sourcing a tool.

What Babelfish does is yield a interpretation covering for SQL Server’s exclusive SQL chapter (T-SQL) and communications custom so that businesses can switch to AWS’ Aurora relational database during will (though they’ll still have to quit their existent data). It provides translations for a dialect, though also SQL commands,  cursors, catalog views, information types, triggers, stored procedures and functions.

The guarantee here is that companies won’t have to reinstate their database drivers or rewrite and determine their database requests to make this transition.

“We trust Babelfish stands out since it’s not another emigration service, as useful as those can be. Babelfish enables PostgreSQL to know database requests—both a authority and a protocol—from applications created for Microsoft SQL Server though changing libraries, database schema, or SQL statements,” AWS’s Matt Asay writes in today’s announcement. “This means many faster ‘migrations’ with minimal developer effort. It’s also centered on ‘correctness,’ definition applications designed to use SQL Server functionality will act a same on PostgreSQL as they would on SQL Server.”

PostgreSQL, AWS righteously points out, is one of a many renouned open-source databases in a marketplace today. A lot of companies wish to quit their relational databases to it — or during slightest use it in and with their existent databases. This new use is going to make that significantly easier.

The open-source Babelfish plan will launch in 2021 and will be accessible on GitHub underneath a Apache 2.0 license.

“It’s still loyal that a strenuous infancy of relational databases are on-premise,” AWS CEO Andy Jassy said. “Customers are fed adult with and ill of incumbents.” As is tradition during re:Invent, Jassy also got a few swipes during Oracle into his keynote, though a genuine aim of a products a association is rising in a database area currently is clearly Microsoft.

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