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Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus Review – A Future-Proof Upgrade for Streamers and Pro Players

I’ve been an disciple for Avermedia’s Live Gamer Portable line for about as prolonged as I’ve been a gaming journalist. Having a constraint box that worked with a PlayStation 3 to record footage and take screenshots was something that gave me my initial opportunities to write diversion reviews. The combined portability meant we could move it along to fighting diversion tournaments and record live compare footage to investigate and investigate later. When we listened that Avermedia was releasing a new constraint box that was vastly softened over my aging box and could be future-proofed by ancillary 4K video passthrough, we was positively on board. The Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus has now transposed my strange LGP indication and will be a apparatus in my prolongation apartment for utterly some time to come.

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What creates Avermedia’s unstable line of constraint inclination singular is that keyword: portable. Most constraint inclination need paraphernalia adult to a mechanism in sequence to constraint and routine video, something that contest officials regulating fighting diversion tournaments competence not have a oppulance of doing so. As a rider from their prior line of Live Gamer Portable devices, of that I’ve used a initial era for scarcely 4 years to record contest footage or diversion footage during trade shows, Avermedia slimmed down a device submit to a MicroSD card.

As a cost of memory cards hits an all-time low, even a aloft class 64GB MicroSDHC shouldn’t run some-more than $30 in a US. With that, you’ll be means to constraint hours of diversion footage on a go or while you’re gaming and don’t wish to go by a con of environment adult OBS or RECentral to start streaming. All we need is a second HDMI handle (a 6” handle comes in a box that can lay right atop your console) and an open USB pier on your console or wall adapter to energy a device. Even a LGP2+ does have some issues with capturing footage from an HDCP-enabled console, so make certain to toggle that choice off in a PS4 menu in advance.

Capturing footage on-the-go couldn’t be easier with a Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus. It’s as elementary as switching a device to Portable Mode by a switch on a front of a box, wiring adult a 3.5mm microphone if we wish to dub and record discuss while playing, and drumming a large intense Avermedia pitch on a card. When finished, daub it again to automatically save a footage onto a MicroSD label installed. While divided from a computer, we won’t be means to adjust bitrates or constraint peculiarity on a fly, so make certain they’re toggled to your ideal specifications before holding a Avermedia box on a road. Once you’re home, usually block it behind adult to your PC around USB handle and toggle behind to Storage Mode to entrance a footage like a peep drive.

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If you’re not calm with usually recording footage, since not take your prolongation to a subsequent turn and tide what you’re playing? The updated RECentral apartment has been softened to be some-more user-friendly while still braggadocio some implausible customization collection for streamers and calm creators. we still remember a early days of RECentral where a UI was as barebones as could be and singular what we could do to usually capturing video or streaming a constraint window onto Twitch or Ustream. Now, prolongation values have risen to a indicate where streamers have to juggle mixed scenes, webcams, microphones, layouts, et cetera. The new RECentral supports all of that with a ability to toggle between scenes on a fly and adjust audio brew all though wanting to take a mangle from a action.

Two 3.5mm ports accoutre a front of a Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus and concede gamers to get approach audio feed for both diversion and mic though regulating a risk of audio delay. If you’re on PS4, we rarely suggest regulating those ports for your headset rather than environment a console to broadcast All Audio to a headset. we schooled a tough approach to handle adult my headphones into a LGP2+ instead of a PlayStation 4 controller, as we mislaid twenty mins of available footage usually since audio wasn’t being upheld by to a constraint box

One of a biggest upgrades on a Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, aside from a unstable functionality, is a ability to support 4K video passthrough. No matter if you’re personification a diversion in 1080P or 4K, a Avermedia box supports either, nonetheless a video it captures is singular to 1080P during 60 frames per second. This is still a outrageous step adult from a initial LGP, that could usually go as high as 1080P30. Some selling could mount to be a bit clearer on a stipulations of Avermedia’s latest constraint device, though don’t design to get 4K footage saved of your latest Gundam Versus matches. That respect is indifferent for constraint cards that strike a $500 symbol and beyond. It’s also value mentioning that a Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus does NOT support HDR passthrough, so we might wish to cruise an HDMI splitter if that’s a requirement for you. Since my PlayStation VR is connected into my console twenty-four hours a day, we have already committed myself to foregoing HDR until my primary guard gets upgraded.

For what we pay, a Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus sits in that ideal niche of accessibility and facilities while still permitting gamers a event to play what they wish though sacrificing a entrance to personification their games in 4K. All of a collection we need to get started recording pleasing matches are simply permitted from a front of a box and either we use OBS, XSplit, or Avermedia’s possess RECentral, producing peculiarity streams couldn’t be easier. If you’re a roving gamer and always holding your setup on a go, a new Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus should be an essential ascent to your transport bag.

Review section supposing by a maker. You can buy a constraint box around Amazon.

The Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus revises a prior unstable indication with support for 4K video passthrough and a newly refurbish RECentral prolongation suite. Gamers looking to get into streaming their achievements while still personification their games during 4K fortitude shouldn’t pass this up.

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